Dense Sugarcane Syrup - Raab (राब)

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1. Multi-Purpose dense Sugarcane Syrup

2. Raab – राब is the traditional name of Concentrated Sugarcane Syrup which is pre-stage brown sugar, means it has brown sugar crystals, minerals, molasses and vitamins. Your children will like a lot as it is used as fruit jam. In rural area people eat it with salty crispy bread, fresh butter and Chach (butter milk) apart from it’s a white crystal sugar substitute to use as sweetener.

3. Instant Energy Source: Take a spoon of Raab along with some brown sugar crystals and eat directly or apply small amount of Raab over bread pieces to make lovely instant healthy food supplement for your kids.

4. It’s safe & natural to serve your family a delightful healthy diet.

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Avoid Chemicals: Product is manufactured in absolutely chemical free environment along with natural ingredients. White sugar crystal and chemical preservatives are not good for health as prepared using harmful chemicals & highly mechanized processes. Its full of energy.


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