Jaggery-Anderkhi Plane (गुड़-अन्दरखी)

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1. Pure & Natural Kohllus Made Gur-Anderkhi has more Brix/Sweetness.

2. A unique, innovative, 100% chemical free, pure & natural, prepared from fresh Sugarcane Kohllus made Gur has an ancient legacy of eating naturally processed form of food.

3. A reinvented hygiene product derived from villager’s ancient food culture.

4. Air tight packed in approved approved poly bags.

5. Bulk purchase inquiry are solicited.

Product Description

1. Health care: It’s a natural antioxidant that energies re-hydrates, improve digestion, strengthens organs, boost our overall immune system, great source of energy, minerals and enable good skin. 2. Be safe & eat natural: It preserves the original values of Sugarcane to give natural flavor & taste to your food and other so many daily recipes for delightful healthy diet. 3. Avoid Sugar crystals: Sugar is not good for health as prepared using chemicals & highly mechanized processes.

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