Sugarcane Syrup (मिठास)

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1. All Purpose Pure & Natural Sweetener Substitute.

2. A unique & innovative 100% pure & natural sweetener substitute has an ancient legacy of eating naturally processed form of food. It is reinvented hygiene product derived from villager’s ancient food culture.

3. Instant juice: Mix 1 part of sugarcane syrup & 4 -5 parts of water to make a refreshing sugarcane juice & add black salt, lemon, mint, roasted cumin seed etc. to taste. Chill it & enjoy this energy drink.

4. Health care: Sugarcane syrup is a natural antioxidant that energies, rehydrates, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol, promotes healing, strengthens organs, boost our overall immune system and enable good skin.

5. Be safe & eat natural: It preserves the original values of Sugarcane to give natural flavor & taste to your foods like drinks, cakes, cookies, deserts and other so many daily recipes for delightful healthy diet.

6. Bulk sale enquirers are solicited.

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White Crystal Sugar/Refined Sugar (Chemical formula: C₁₂H₂₂O₁₁) is the main sweetener being consumed by majority of people and other consumers like Confectioners, Drinks & Cookies manufacturers etc which is prepared using variety of chemicals along with heavy engineering & manufacturing processes, and because of that it lost it's natural properties like tenderness and the useful minerals. Also the market share of organic Sugar is very less along with it's higher pricing and the raw material quality weather its organic or not. On the other hand Sugarcane Syrup (मिठास) is prepared from fresh sugarcane which are cleaned & washed properly (to remove traces, mud, immature part and scaling) and no chemical except herbs are used during manufacturing processes are used with soft & hygienic engineering.

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1. Heartfulness Enterprises (HfnEnt) believes in providing health conscious products. Its full of natural values like Vitamins and Minerals.


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