Choco and Atta Chikkies

Choco and Atta Chikkies

2019-10-13 16:08:03
Choco Chikkies – Prepared with Dense Sugarcane Syrup – Raab or Sugarcane Syrup - Mithas

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes

1.       Hfnent’s sweetener Dense Sugarcane Syrup – Raab 100Ml or Sugarcane Syrup - Mithas  150Ml for
2.       Choco Powder or Choco Brick 200Gms
3.       Dry Fruits or Ground Nuts 100Gms
4.       Desi Ghee or unsalted butter 100Gms
5.       Wheat Flour, Sujji and Besan in equal ration 150-200Gms

Put 1-2 TS desi ghee in a big fry pan and roast all dry fruits till brownish color, and keep aside these in a bowl. Now in the same fry pan put flour, sujji and besan and roast it with ghee till it gets bit brownish and roasting smell will start smelling, and keep this in a separate big size glass bowl.
If you are using Sugarcane Syrup - Mithas which lighter than Dense Sugarcane Syrup – Raab, you have to burn some moisture in it before using by boiling in a fry pan till it reduce its 1/3rd volume on slow flam.
If you are using Choco brick then crush it in to powder.
Crush all dry fruits in desired size or small size depends on you.
Now mix Choco powder in roasted flour glass bowl and make it uniform by spoon. Pour all dry fruits in it and uniform it again and pour sweetener in it. Keep stirring it with spoon gently till it become uniform paste.
Grease a steel plate with ghee or take small disposable paper cups and pour glass bowl paste on steel plate or in cups or both, and make a uniform layer of paste in plate. Keep aside these till it gets cool and dry. After this cut plate paste layer into small chikkies sizes.

Enjoy this sweet dish prepare with chemical sweetener!

Note:  You may increase or decrease ingredients quantity according to you.