About us and behind the idea conceived…
We are a team of Professionals worked in IT, Engineering, Manufacturing, Cane, Finance, Instrumentation and Lab etc. Departments of prominent Sugar groups, Trading companies & Institutions etc. in India & abroad who are supporting as a backbone to strengthen the idea conceived long time back to launch an eCommerce website to sell & buy products along with production of quality products. Most of us belongs to a reason which is highly rich in sugarcane cultivation in India. Almost on an average 80-90% agriculture land is occupied for producing Sugarcane for producing Sugar, Jaggery, Khandsari (raw sugar) and so many other related products.

We do agree that lot of eCommerce website already exist on web for the same, but we are doing something innovative. Entire concept is based on the following streams:
·      Sugarcane Juice based Products (SJP): These are called Main Course Products (MCP) and Derived Products (DP) which are 100% hygienic & chemical free purified which are produced by us.

·      Non Sugarcane Juice based Products (NSJP): These are the non-sugarcane based products mainly produced in association of needy rural people like handicraft items, pottery items, agriculture items, house & personal improvement items and so many.
·      eCommerce: Two domains and are the digital backbone for all kind of products being produced in-house or out-sourced from our associates.

All products are fabricated like not to spoil product’s tenderness and the ancient legacy values, and bring together the seller and the buyer for their desired products they want sell or buy.

Our theme is Live well… Means grow together under the umbrella of Heartfulness Enterprises

The setup is established in rural area to bring up villager’s talent and to make them financial strong by assisting required infrastructure and the skills.

We hope you are with us in the journey being travelled for livelihood of the mankind and the nature.

Thanks and Regards
Sudhir Kumar Saini